Bootstrap 4 ProgressBar

I am trying to hide the label that shows on the Bootstrap 4 ProgressBar, and the ‘labelled’ setting is not hiding it.
Is there a way to do this?


Try setting the labeled property to False.

That’s weird.
I was already playing with that property today and it wouldn’t hide it no matter what i did. I’ve just tried it on my home computer and it hides the label on the design screen, which my other computer didn’t do.

Tried again and setting ‘labeled’ property to false doesn’t stop it from showing.
Using the sample, i tried below:

function Main()
    Progressbar2.value = 0; 
    setInterval(updateBar, 1000);

function updateBar()
    Progressbar2.value = Number(Progressbar2.value) + 2; 

Label still shows.

Try adding this to updateBar():


That works, thanks.