Bootstrap 4 slider size

How do you set and retrieve slider sizes? I added:


to the slider sample and received this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot Set properties of undefined (setting ‘left’).
line 759 column 35

in appstudioFunctions.js

I can find no way to determine the current position.

This might help Bootstrap Slider - examples & tutorial

Thanks. But, I read that. I believe it’s a bug in appstudio. Using resize fails and there seems to be no way to query left, right, top, or height.

The Bootstrap Slider is a bit of an odd control. It’s not actually part of Bootstrap itself - but rather a 3rd party control which works well with Bootstrap.

The full documentation for it is here.

As such, functions such as .resize() do not exist for it and are not documented.

Yes, I read that. But, it doesn’t tell me how to adjust the size or location in appstudio.

You might try putting it in a Container control, then moving the Container.