Bootstrap FlipToggle

Hello guys,
New to the latest version. Question…:
Is it possible to pass values to change the text labels inside a FlipToggle button?

I found this online:
<input type=“checkbox” checked data-toggle=“toggle” data-on=“FULL” data-off=“EMPTY” data-onstyle=“success” data-offstyle=“danger”>

I want to pass these values to the control, but don’t know how:
data-on=“FULL” data-off=“EMPTY”

  Fliptoggle1.onchange=function() {

    if (Fliptoggle1.value == true) {
      Fliptoggle1.text = 'Full';
    } else {
      Fliptoggle1.text = 'Empty';


That changes the text at the outside label, not the text inside the button. Perhaps I have the control setup wrong? I have it set up as as mode: text.