Bootstrap fontawesome font missing

See attached screenshot, please. When I click


then the debugger tells me that some bootstrap fonts cannot be found (status 404). I checked the nsb folder within the folder where AppStudio is installed. Indeed these missing fonts seem not to be available. The web app will run anyway (the apk app will not show any vsible effect with Speichern, just a flicker). The issue is solely to be seen with the Chrome debugger switched on. Is it worth while searching for a reason why this is happening? Could it be related to the matter that the same app, built with PhoneGap Build seems to crash when I hit Speichern button?
Just in case someone had checked this already …

Helpt text with the icon properties says: Do not put file in /nsb.
There is no nsb folder within the project folder of my newer apps any more.

What version of AppStudio are you using?

Is ContentSecurityPolicy in Project Properties set to blank?

I don’t get the problem here with the version FindeMich you sent me.

  1. Newest,
  2. Set to blank (at least as of today)
  3. I do a lot of changes and experiments within hours and minutes. Could be that there were changes in code already between the screenshot and the sent project.

Attached is the current output of Chrome debugger with FindeMich. The errors were shown as soon as I clicked the Speichern button.


I don’t see the messages here, at least with the version I have. I am testing as a web app.

NSB shows: Developer Edition
Now I tried with on Windows Desktop with Chrome Version 64.0.3282.119 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit),
Clicking Speichern causes errors again. See attachment. Updated Chrome. Same errors.

This isn’t an AppStudio problem. These fonts are used in dom-to-image, a library you have added to your app. They are part of glyph-icons, not used elsewhere by AppStudio.

You will need to download these files and include them in your deploy.

Thank you very much.