Bootstrap Listgroup with template design HTML


I’ve been using Listgroups across my app and the default display options are not comprehensive enough, so I ended up building custom functions that design the HTML I want to display and replace whatever “.innerHTML” that the IDE creates. Although it works, it is time consuming and just a repetition of something the IDE already does when we design a form.

What would be really awesome would be having some way to use the IDE to design the content of a BS Listgroup, indicating tags to be replaced by app provided data and that would be rendered in realtime using existing NSB code. For example, it could be a container with a special property that would tie it to a listgroup and a <#tag : variable> association list as its config to help updating it with app provided data (perhaps in JSON format).

Would this be useful to other users as well?

Kind regards

I can see tags being useful. What other features are you thinking of?

Well, for this thread the tagging would be the cherry on top. This is what I’m trying to accomplish:

The template idea would be designed using the current IDE (could be a flexbox with “parentForm” property set as the listgroup so it knows that this will be “rendered” in realtime, or through “.addItem” with a JSON parameter to fill the .innerHTML of the several template components with the tag that was put there.

Hope this helps!