Bootstrap media in center

Hi Guys.

How do I get the Image & text to align in the centre ?


Steve Warby

To align a media control’s image centered on the text, set the control’s imageAlignment property to middle.

If you meant something else, being more specific would be helpful.

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Hi dallrich,

I am trying to get the swirl & ’ Marina Page 1 Facilities ’ in the centre of the form.
The form is set to responsive and the media width 100%


Steve Warby

I’m sorry, I don’t know what that is.


Try to put the media control on a container and center that

Center the Media control in the Container, or center the Container in the Form?

This is what I need.

IE The image and the text centralised.

Anyone know how to do this please?


Steve Warby

Got it…

Added text-align:centre; to the style

Does text-align:centre; work? I thought it would be text-align:center;

I cannot find the British spelling in the CSS standard.