Bootstrap Navs addItem runtime not working

Hi Guys,

Am i doing somthing wrong here I want to create Boostrap Navs based of data extracted from database.

navReport.addItem("Aug-2019 (2)",True,False) // or 
navReport.addItem("Aug-2019 (2)")

Both do nothing… any ideas.

Thank you.

Yes, this is definitely broken. It has been fixed in the next build - let me know if you want the beta.

Thank you, I will wait for the next release if its soonish.

Thank you for your hard work.

Kind Regards


Hi Guys,

Downloaded latest version - great news tabs area created :grinning: sadly when you click on the newly created tabs they are not active return a value of -1 on the onclick event.

You cannot use nav.clear() to clear all tabs and recreate them as this generates the attached error.


We’re on it!

Hi Guys,

Do we have a solution for this yet still not working in the latest build?

Kind regards


Still not working. VoltBuilder has been taking a lot of our time.

Hi Guys,

Am still waiting for a fix to for this issue.

Thank you


Thanks for the nudge. I’m moved it near the front of the queue for the next release.