Bootstrap sidebar/sidenav

Hello Everyone

It’s not easy to choose between jQuery and Bootstrap. I’d rather go for bootstrap most time as it looks nicer and the headerbar is far more flexible.
There is only one thing I am missing in NSB Bootstrap: A sidebar as it is common in many, many apps or like in the settings in ChromeBrowser.

Here are three links to see what I mean:

With the jQuery I can do a similar thing (without opacity :frowning:) but it’s jQuery and I cant for layout reasons not mix jQuery UI and bootstrap.

Any idea on how to integrate a sidebar/sidenav into NSB?


It’s possible to add third party controls to Bootstrap. Fliptoggles are an example of this - it uses the titatoggle library.

To integrate it into AppStudio, you’ll need to create a Toolbox file:

If you would like us to create one for you, contact me offline.

Please I need help to create a Toolbox file

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