BootStrap Slider Hide and Show

How do I hide and show a bootstrap slider? The .hide() and .show() options are not working in my sample code. I’ve also tried the hidden option as enabled and disabled. Thanks…Joel

There’s definitely something funny here we need to fix. In the meantime, try this:

$("#Slider1").css("display", "none")


$("#Slider1").css("display", "block")

Thank you. These instructions work to show and hide the control. I now have the same issue with resetting the min, max, step, and value of the slider. For example, Slider.min=number doesn’t seem to work…Joel

Here’s how to change min:


Check the docs for the others:

Thanks. The slider is working great! Have a nice day…Joel

With regard to the Slider. I changed its value, and it will not operate using the onchange function.
I tried using .options.focus=true followed by .refresh(), but still no success. The slider operates but does not change any values, based upon its position. Thanks for any assistance…Joel

Try Slider1.destroy() and then set the new value, etc. I didn’t try this, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Also, the Slider has built-in on events. You can see them in the inspector. I had issues when I copied slider HTML that these behind the scenes events were lost, and the slider value would not change.

Maybe this will help you track it down.

Thanks for the suggestion Gary, but I did not need to use destroy(). I found the using .setAttributes worked better than .options for the slider. I now have my slider program working. Thanks again for the help…Joel