Bootstrap tab Usage

I have a bootstrap tab that when clicked on a certain tab I close the current container and open a selected one.
Is this the correct usage as it does not seem to have containers as in other tab containers.
Ie tab1 has x components tab2 has y components.


Steve Warby

There may be another issue involved. Both the wiki entry and the sample project for BS Tabs need the following line before the Tabs control will work properly to hide or show things:

If TypeName(i) = "object" Then Exit Function

Once I added that line, I was able to show and hide a Container via code at runtime:

If Tabs1.value = 1 Then Container1.hide() Else

I updated the wiki entry to fix the first part mentioned above, and maybe George can update the sample project itself later. It would be helpful if the sample project demonstrated how something can be shown or hidden when changing tabs.

Kind regards,

Good suggestion - we’ll improve the sample.

I used the following okay

if( Tabs1.value == 0) { Container51.Visible = true ; Container52.Visible = false ; }
if( Tabs1.value == 1) { Container51.Visible = false ; Container52.Visible = true; }



Steve Warby