Bootstrap4 and Calendar


I am trying to use a Calendar with Bootstrap4 controls. I want to use something like this (see attached), adapted for appStudio. Thoughts anyone? (137.1 KB)

Here are two others - could either be adapted to appStudio?

  1. simple one at .

  2. another is called Full Calendar.


The easiest enhanced Calendar to use would be jqxCalendar:

It’s already built into AppStudio. The others ones you reference will certainly work too. You will have to manually add their files into extraheaders, then add whatever JavaScript is needed to instantiate them.

If you just need something simple, the BS4 Input control with inputType set to Date is certainly effective:



Thanks! Will jqx work with Bootstrap4 controls?

Also - my student is looking for the functionality to add events and display them. We have not been able to get the Scheduler to work correctly. If I used one of the ones I had listed above, where do I put the headers in appStudio?




Yes, jqx works fine with Bootstrap controls.

Are you just trying to select dates, or do you want to show a calendar with scheduled items on it?

For that, have a look at jqxScheduler:



The students want to make a calendar that keeps track of schedules. We haven’t been able to get the Scheduler control to work, even with the documentation. That’s why we were looking at alternatives.



jqxScheduler works well - we have used it on commercial projects. It did take some time to understand it, but it’s a complex set of operations it needs to do. We’ve found that jqWidgets provides good support. Look at their samples and their forum:

They’re helpful if you have questions, too!


Will do thanks!