Bootstrap4 listgroup highlight choices as hover

Is there a way to make a Bootstrap4 button list somehow indicate which item the user is hovering over as they move through the list - on a list that shows all the choices? The sample provided in appstudio does respond to the user hover, but the list items do not show until the user hovers.

So I want the entire list to show, then change items somehow (color change, highlight, outline) as the user moves their cursor down the list.

For example, I put this in the ‘class’ property of my form:

.list-group-item:hover {
  color: red; /* or whatever color you'd like */

Then I added a listgroup, set type to ‘button list’ and put this in the style:



That looks like a bug to me in the Bootstrap 4 Listgroup. We’ll get it fixed.

What do you have listStyle set to? Try changing it to ‘unordered list’.