Bounce ios homescreen webapp

is there a way to disable the bounce effect on a ios homescreen webapp.



Can you explain a bit more what you are seeing?

What version of iOS and AppStudio?

I use IOS 12 and AppStudio 3.3
I want to write a drawing app. When you touch the screen the whole screen is moving up and down.
You can test it on a IPAD:


Wow - AppStudio 3.3 still works (at least somewhat!)?

Each time there is a new release of iOS or Android, we make changes to AppStudio to keep up with features which have been added or dropped from the OS. AppStudio 3 was released many years ago - there have probably been a thousand changes to AppStudio in the meantime.

The current release is 7.4.

o.k, certainly there is a new version of AppStudio.
Can you confirm, that with the new version that there is no bounce effect?

iOS has done a lot in the meantime to minimize such problems, so it likely will.

Having a quick look at your code, you will probably need to do some work to upgrade your project.

  • Adding apps to the Home screen has changed in iOS and Android
  • fastclick isn’t needed anymore
  • iscroll has been rewritten
  • The UI Framework you’re using (iWebKit) was abandoned years ago by its author and has been deprecated
  <preference name="DisallowOverscroll" value="true" />
  <preference name="WebviewBounce" value="false" />

@PPetree, these are PhoneGap preferences. I believe he’s running as a home screen app.

I have found the solution:

The best version from AppStudio is still 3.3 for me. I can do everthing with it on my own server.

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Good find!