BS Datatable struggle

Trying to get my head around BSdatatables. Following is my code, largely BSDatatable sample, but doesn’t seem to refresh the table. If I click on a cell it shows me the data from my arrays but it’s not displayed. Just shows 2 rows and 3 cols from design screen. It works with my data in the sample project but I can’t get it into my project. Any ideas?

var columns1 = [
{title: "code"},
{title: "name"},
{title: "stocktype"},
{title: "cost"},
{title: "qtyonhand"},
{title: "minreqrd"},
{title: "maxreqrd"},
{title: "onorder"},
{title: "sellprice1"},
{title: "sellprice2"},
{title: "sellprice3"},
{title: "margin1"},
{title: "margin2"},
{title: "margin3"},
{title: "onhand"},
{title: "sell1"},
{title: "sell2"},
{title: "sell3"},

var data1 = [

["INSYTECATHETER","BD Insyte Catheter 22G x 1","6","2.75","5","0","0","0","5.5","4.68","4.68","100","70.1818","70.1818","5","5.5","4.68","4.68"],

["0DIB1H","Don't use Expired2","1","0","0","0","0","0","38.68","35.31","35.31","0","0","0","0","38.68","35.31","35.31"],

["0DIB2H","Don't use Expired3","1","0","0","0","0","0","12.06","11.74","11.74","0","0","0","0","12.06","11.74","11.74"],

["0DIB3H","Don't use Expired4","1","0","0","0","0","0","6.9","6.97","6.97","0","0","0","0","6.9","6.97","6.97"],

["1-XX","Penalty interest5","1","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0"]


End JavaScript

Function Form1Main()
End Function

Function DataTable1_onclick(event)
If typeof( <> "object" Then return
Dim row, col
row =
col =
MsgBox "Click on " & row & ", " & col & ". Value is '" & data1[row][col] & "'."
End Function

Function updateTable()
DataTable1.settings.columns = columns1 = data1
End Function

Turns out function had to be called from Main() to start/initialise the datatable. Can be called again later from anywhere, just the first time needs to called from Main().
5 hours of my life later I’ve got the data displaying.

My only issue now is my datatable is scrolling because it is too wide obviously but the column headers don’t scroll with the data columns. Is there a fix for that?

Is there any particular reason why you are using the BS datatable over other grids such as Jqxgrid?
I was using BS datatable a while back but was running into similar issues as you so went back to Jqxgrid. I initially had issues with Jqxgrid scrolling and speed performance but managed to solve them.

Thank you. Nice to know it’s not just me. Does Jqx play nicely with Bootstrap? Assume it doesn’t like JQuery.

I am using a fair bit of Jqx and Bootstrap and it works fine. I have swapped out all JQuery controls.
Initially, i couldn’t get 100 records to scroll smoothly using Jqxgrid then changed the way i coloured the grids, and now everything is fast and appearance is better than BS.

Yes, jqWidgets plays nicely with Bootstrap 3 or 4.