BS Media change value & header at runtime


Hy ,

I am using the following:

      mediaData.value = ' sdfsdfsdfsdfsdfs';


The media component has a value in at designtime
The first onClick event produces ‘undefined’.
alerts the new value but this is not reflected in the media component.

How do I change this please?


Steve Warby


Changing it at runtime is not documented.

Here’s how to change the heading:

$("#MediaData h4").text("George")

The detail text is not as easy to change without changing AppStudio.


Another property I can’t seem to change at run time:
The rows value.
I am trying to get the BS textArea to auto expand using:

                      txtRoom1.value = txtRoom1.value+'\n'+JSON.stringify(data);
                      var txtRoom1Rows = txtRoom1.value.split("\n").length;
                      $.jGrowl('txtRoom1 lebgth = '+txtRoom1Rows);
                      txtRoom1.rows = txtRoom1Rows;
                      document.getElementById("txtRoom1").rows = txtRoom1Rows;

both fail.
It works here


Steve Warby


Another issue in the same area ( hence keeping in the same thread)

With bootstrap buttons on mobile they stay ’ clicked down’ and don’t ‘come up’ until you manually click elsewhere.

I have done some searching but all these attempts fail

    $(".btn").mouseup(function() {
    $.jGrowl(' did it happen');
    // Removes focus of the button. to make th button in mobole come back up
    $(this).blur();  // should remove the focus on the selected button
    $( "#btnJoinRoom1" ).trigger( "click" ); //set the focus elsewhere 
    $( "#txtFingerPrint" ).focus(); //set the focus elsewhere 
    $( "#txtFingerPrint" ).keydown(); //set the focus elsewhere 


Steve Warby


Could you put this into its own thread? This is about BS TextArea, not BS Media.


Could you put this into its own thread? This is about BS Buttons, not BS Media.




Steve Warby