BS3 to BS4 Framework Converter


I need to revive a rather old project where I’ve used BS3 elements which I need to convert to BS4, and I’ve visited the Converter webpage at

but the Mac link no longer works.

Does anyone know where I can download the Mac version?


Just tried it here. I was able to download and run it on my Mac. What happens when you try?

I get:

Error (404)
We can’t find the page you’re looking for.

I get the same error if I try and download the Windows version too.

This is the URL it directs me to:

Does that work for you?

Dropbox is acting up. I sent the file directly to you.


Thanks very much for that.

I just wanted to mention that I haven’t yet received the file (I have checked my junk folder too), and it’s been about an hour since it was sent, so something may have gone wrong.

Could you please resend it?


It was sent by WeTransfer, and I got an acknowledgement back from them that it was sent.

I’ll try email next.