Bs4 Input.value - dont work

I have tried this code:

Function Input1_onfocusout()
MsgBox "Value is " & Input1.value
End Function

But the message box always says “Value is undefined” I have text in the input box and I have also tried…

Function Button1_onclick()
Input1.value=“random text”
End Function

But it dosnt enter any text in the input box

Which version of AppStudio are you using?

Version I updated it today.

Works fine for me. Are there any error messages in the Chrome Devtools?

There is this:

(index):162 Uncaught TypeError: Date.addEventListener is not a function
at (index):162

I also have another input with the input type set to date

Can you deploy your project to Volt (or your own server) and give me the URL?

I’ll try it here.

I deleted them from my project, added again and it seems to be working now.

Thank you.