BS4 Sketchy Theme and Check Boxes/Radio Buttons

I’m having a problem with the sketchy theme only. I created a new project with sketchy theme in the project properties. I added two containers. I added a label and checkbox to one and a label and radio button to the other. I set a few simple display flex and unset and the label and check boxes and radio boxes line up in the IDE. However, running in chrome the actual radio buttons and check boxes, not their text, is rendered way off. This does not happen with any other bootstrap theme.

I did find several references to similar symptoms with bootstrap themes back in late 2017 and 2018. They were all resolved. It seem it keeps coming up as their are copies of the old themes still around. Is this the case with BS4 Sketchy in AS? (11.5 KB)

I’m no expert but I didn’t get on with the text associated with some of the bs4 controls. I like to enlarge the checkboxes. (In style transform:scale(1.5) ) which made the associated text too large and too far away from the controls. What I did was, in the properties window I set the associated text (item) to a full stop and set the font size to zero. (This makes the associated text disappear) I then used standard labels for associated text.
Hope this helps.

Bootswatch has updated these themes. They will be in the next build.

We updated the Sketchy theme in 8.0.4, but the problem still persists. @GaryGorsline is in touch with the author of the theme.

New Bootswatch release minutes ago for Sketchy theme. :slight_smile:

It will be in the next build of AppStudio. The version still shows as 4.4.1, but it has still changed.

If you need it before them, copy it to Program Files/AppStudio/Toolbox/bs4/dist/css/