Bug: Cmd-C closes Editor Window under macOS



I just stumbled upon a really annyoing problem: trying to edit an application’s “extraheaders” in a separate editor I found that I can not use Cmd-C to copy some selected text - instead, the editor window closes immediately.

The same problem seems to apply to all separate text editors (at least, to all I have tested).

Does anybody have any idea?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Kind regards,

Andreas Rozek



it seems that I asked the same question many months ago (see Bug: Unable to copy style setting (macOS))

I was told that this bug could not get fixed…and that’s still annoying!

Kind regards,

Andreas Rozek


I agree - it’s annoying. The bug is in an underlying library (wxPython). The developers have no plans to fix it.

I hit this all the time myself.