[Bug] customer email change not reflected in Dashboard

If the email of an application user is changed (e.g, by the user him/herself) that change is not reflected in the VoltCloud Dashboard.

The reason is simple: browsers cash web pages for a while and only thereafter a page refresh (or a new visit to that page) will reflect any changes.

The fix may be to just inhibit caching for any Dashboard pages

Can you walk me through the steps to reproduce this?

Ok, you may use my Postman collection for the following steps: focus on any application you like and open it in the dashboard

  1. register a new user (POST {{application_url}}/api/auth/register)
  2. confirm that user (POST {{application_url}}/api/auth/confirm)
  3. login as that user (POST {{application_url}}/api/auth/login)
  4. you may no open the user page of you application in the dashboard to validate user existence
  5. change user email address (PUT {{application_url}}/api/user/{{customer_id}})
  6. now reopen the user page of you application in the dashboard

Surprisingly, again, it seems to work fine today - did you change your backend in the last few days? This is the second flaw I cannot reproduce while it bothered me a few days ago…

We haven’t made any changes in the last few days. Please let me know if you’re able to reproduce this.

I will do so - I just had a look into the browser console and found some error messages from “code.js” in there - but I could not reproduce them right now.

I’ll keep an eye on it.

By the way: your code seems to use minified versions of bootstrap.css, navigo.js and bootstrap.bundle.js - all with references to some .map files which could not be loaded, though.

You may probably either provide the source maps or remove those references in order to save unnecessary requests to your server

The requests for the .map files only happen if the Console is open, so this is not an issue in production.

I see - in that case you’re right that you don’t have to save any requests