[Bug] wrong error message

just a minor “buglet”: when trying to delete a user without specifying him/her as in

DELETE {{dashboard_url}}/api/user

the response says: 409

“type”: “ConflictError”,
“message”: “Cannot delete a user with apps.”,
“conflict”: null

That is because you are trying to delete your own account, and apparently, you have apps.

…but I did not specify any user id - I would have expected a response similar to the other ones, e.g., “could not route request”

The normal request looks more like DELETE {{application_url}}/api/user/{{customer_id}}

This looks RESTful, but DELETE {{application_url}}/api/user does not

User routes default to the currently logged in user. This means if you don’t pass a user ID (scope) you are implicitly passing your own scope. This is documented for each user route here: Volt API

string (optional) Example: DA6gHVdJ

user to work with, defaults to the currently logged in user

You don’t have to use this functionality if you don’t like it. You can always pass an explicit user ID.

I see, thank you for your effort!