Build Failed with VoltBuilder

Hi, uploaded my project to volt and I get this message:

Project is larger then allowed for Plan Indy.

I uploaded this same project to Volt a couple of weeks ago without problem? Since then I have trimmed my project down by around 10 forms?

Any ideas on what’ happened.


Your project is almost 120 megs. That’s pretty big. The forms themselves are unlikely to take much space.

Do you have other assets, like videos, that are large?

High George, only an embedded YouTube player linked to 1 vid on a YouTube channel. Hasn’t been a problem up until now. The YouTube player does throw up errors in the browser but I put that down to my anti virus not liking it, but it hasn’t caused any issues when built with volt.

I’ve attached the warnings that I get in the browser,

I’m assuming that this isn’t my problem. :thinking:

You’ve got almost 85 megs of iOS splash screens.

How are you creating these?

I’ve got 1 splash screen 2732x2732.png 4.60MB created in photos hope?

Do I have to empty Android splash folder every time I do a build?

I see. the Iphone splash folder also has splash screens as well. Could this be something to do with having the default form size set to iPhone 6. Never really been a problem in the past as I have always used Full screen settings anyway?

Check that you’ve set everything up properly. Here are the instructions:

Just supply a 1024×1024 icon and a 2732×2732 splash screen, and AppStudio will automatically generate all the required images and update the config.xml file.

This means you’ll need to clean out the redundant info currently in your config.xml the first time. Specifically, you will need to do the following:

  1. Remove sections with <icon lines
  2. Remove sections with <splash lines
  3. Remove <gap:splash src=’{splashscreen}’/>

If you would prefer to start clean, here is what a plain config.xml looks like . Don’t forget to delete all the old icon and splashscreen files which are no longer needed.

Still getting iPhone folders filled with icons and splash screens

I’ve actually got the new version of config.xml and the only platform I have is Android. No ios?

Please see attached to what I am using as config file.

Are you starting out with empty folders? AppStudio creates the files.

Tip: If you’re pasting code, html or config files, surround it by triple back ticks (```) and it will be fomatted properly.

I emptied project folder of all volt created files, coppied a fresh config file from the link you provided, tried rebuild with volt. Same problem?

You’re right - it is generating those large files. The main one is 10.9 megs in size.

The very real problem is that this image is huge in png format. It will add 100 megs to your app, so long as you use this image. It’s probably not a good way to use that much space.

Can you experiment with some other images? Most project end up with less than 10 megs of icons and splash screens.

So, as long as I use this image it will keep creating all the iPhone images increasing my project size because of this?

Just checked my other two projects, smaler in size but I still have all the iphone splashscreens and icons in both projects? I thought something was strange when I put thsese projects onto google play and I got a warning saying that these were very large files?

It’s normal to have iPhone splashscreens and icons. Usually, they’re not big enough to be too concerned (but it might be nice if VoltBuilder could exclude the ones not for the current platform - I’ll submit that suggestion).

All the images, for both platforms, are usually less that 10 megs. There’s something about that image which makes it naturally huge (and incompressible).

Ok George, just seems strange that it does’t work anymore. It’s already been built through volt (Several times) and is live on google play now. I agree about not mixing ios and Andriod png’s in the builds. Got to be better for the user when it comes to purchasing from app store’s for download speeds with not havng bigger files.

As VoltBuilder heads towards release, we’re starting to apply some of the restrictions in the Plan matrix. Projects used to be unlimited - now they need to follow the limits for Indy projects.

I still urge you to rethink your splashscreen - it’s not good that it’s 10x the normal size.

Ok George, I’ll Re-do it with something else :+1: