Button to close all open forms

My apps have a lot of forms and when they are all open, it can take a long time to close each one. I currently have over 40 open forms and it’s painful to close each one individually. Sometimes the program crashes and i have to start all over again.

I think a button to close all open forms would be very useful.

Is this in AppStudio itself?

In the View menu, there is an open to Close other tabs. This closes all tabs except the current one.

Yes, within AppStudio itself.
I tried ‘Close other tabs’ at the time and i ended up forcing AppStudio to close because i thought it had locked up as i couldn’t see anything happening (as there were many forms open at the time).
In the mean time, i closed all the forms manually. Since then, i’ve tried using ‘Close other tabs’ when less forms are open and i can see each form closing.
In the future, i’ll need to be more patient if there a lot of forms open.