Camera control event

How can i know if user click “open” or “cancel” when using camera control?


I’d like to know as well. Any answers, anyone?

Thanks, John

The Camera control is a wrapper for the HTML <input> element, with type set to file.

AppStudio wraps the Input element in a Button, which is displays the Camera icon.

Here’s documentation on how the input file element works:

I read the linked document but it didn’t give me an answer. Using Camera1_onchange() does not get triggered. Do you have specific code for indicating if the user did in fact select a file?

Thanks, John

Try Camera1_camera_onchange(), where Camera1 is the id of the control.

Yes, that worked. Although it doesn’t indicate if Cancel was chosen, the form can be left in a state indicating that no picture was selected if not picture was selected. The onchange event, when triggered, can now change the form to show the user has in fact chosen a picture.

Thanks, John

by searching the solution, i found the following may help. I have not try yet