Camera sample project(s) not working


Another newbie question:

Any AppStudio sample project does not work on my iPhone.

Let’s take the very simple Camera project where you can take or choose a picture and rotate it.

Choosing a picture (file, Photo gallery) does work.

But when trying to access the device camera the app crashes…

Same with the other samples using the camera.

Thought everything is bundled when using Volt.Builder - or do I have to add anything manually?

T H X ! ! !



…think I found the solution:

In the doc of the camera control it says:

“No code needed - it just works!”

But also this:

“If you are using VoltBuilder, use the cordova-plugin-camera plugin.”

The sample “CordovaCamera” also does not work on the fly… :frowning:

do not get it working using Volt.Builder.

Will open a new topic in the Volt.Builder section.