Can I manually put an iOS ipa file on an iPhone without signing etc?

Hi. I’ve studied Submitting to the iOS App Store - NSB App Studio and I note “Note: Until these steps are performed, PhoneGap Build will return ‘error’ for iOS.” but I don’t want the app on their store. So I wondered if there was a way of circumventing signing etc when doing a PhoneGap Build?

Apple does not let unsigned apps be installed on iOS devices.

It is possible to install an ipa on an iOS device without going through the store. It still needs to be signed and provisioned. (which registers your app for your device). It’s all done through iTunes.

This article may help:

Many thans for that. I guess that’s the apple way! At least that confirms things in my mind.

If you using it for testing you can also output directly to device by creating a .json stub file from the mobile provisioning profile info. Add the location of the .json file in Preferences during compile and make sure your device is hooked up and it will go straight to your iOS device.

Wow! That sounds seriously useful cc. I have no idea how that would be done, but will try and figure it out when back from summer hol’s on around the 12th. More questions on that one to follow methinks :slight_smile: .

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