Can no longer create APK files

I have package type set to APK but it only builds AAB files. I need APK files. What am I missing?


Start by upgrading to the latest version - let’s see if that helps.

No, same problem.

In Project Properties, VoltBuilder, what do you have Google Play Track set to? If it is production, an aab file is produced.

Ahh, that’s changed in the last couple months. I changed to a blank field and it looks like it worked.

Yes. Google Play recently started requiring aab files for all production builds, so it made sense to have AppStudio do just that.

Seems to me it would make more sense to have the build format field alone control this as I must create both. I distribute via Google and by my own site. I’ve found that many of my users have been having bad file format problems downloading newer versions since GP switched to aab.

But we use apk realease in tablets off Google Play… the new appstudio version will continue compiling apk in realease too? Ours tablets users download apk from our web site… If we use debbug version we will have problems, like not overwrite app and users can use developer access in chrome and debbug our app…

If you don’t use the option to upload to Google Play, VoltBuilder will return the apk version which you can distribute to your users.

Hi Geroge, i did upgrade appVersion, select to build in apk mode, but still donwloading .aab file…
we do not use automatcci upload to Google Play


If you don’t want to upload to Google Play, don’t set Google Play Key and Google Play Track. It will then make an apk.

great it works fine