Can radiobutton items be changed in runtime?

I am using AppStudio
I am using a Bootstrap Radio button.
I am making an app for my Android phone.
I have a 3 item radio button.
I would like to be able to change the values of the items, if required, when my app starts up, or if there is a change when required during the running of the app…
Is there a way of doing this?

The only documented way is to use clear() to remove all the items, then addItem() to add fresh ones:

Didn’t quite work the way I wanted.
clear() worked all right

addItem( item , type ) Adds an item to the end. type can be “selected” or “disabled” . Runtime.
rdoStore.addItem(“Store1”, True)
rdoStore.addItem(“Store2”, False)
rdoStore.addItem(“Store3”, False)

This kind of worked. It put three buttons on the form, however,
even though the original radio button was set to inline, it put the three items vertically, and didn’t set the Selected option.
And when I entered rdoStore. the list of options didn’t have an inline.
Is my syntax wrong?

Yes, that sounds about right. Doing this kind of thing can be complex. Is a RadioButton the only way to do what you need? Could a Dropdown or Select also work?

I wanted a similar layout. I have the radio with display=inline-grid and inline=inline inside of a container set to flex, with the normal flex-start settings and row and wrap (for responsive layout).