Cannot download to iPad from Volt

Using this link,
I was able to down load successfully to Android and to my windows PC, but when I tried to download to iPad Mini, Version 9.3.5, Model MF442LL/A… the download hung up after about 35% loaded, with a message on the iPad,
"A problem repeatedly occurred on"
Download of this app onto iPad has worked in the past… Major change was to add about 25 mp3 audio files to the app since last download.

In Settings…Safari…Advanced, you can clear WebSite Data. Can you trying clearing your app off and reloading?

Did what you said… cleared the WebSite Data in Safari on iPad Mini, reset the iPad after removing all references to any websites.

New Deploy of the app (cleared out the old AppID) to Volt… message “Successfully deployed”.

Using this link loaded it on my android and all worked as it should, including all the audio plays. Also ran correctly on PC using the same link.

Then attempted to load on iPad… it did load this time but got the following message:

Update error
Cache error

On the iPad, i loaded the app (in spite of the error) onto the home screen… In general, it worked as it should EXCEPT about half the audios would not play, i.e., most Forms have 2 audios, the first would play, but not the second.

I tried it first on an iPhone 8 running iOS 11. It asked if I wanted to increase the amount of storage so it could load. I said OK and the app loaded and ran OK.

I then tried it on an older iPad Mini running iOS 9.3.5. It would not load.

What happens if you try it with a small audio file?

Hmmm. Since the only difference between latest version of app and the version before is the addition of the mps3 files… based on your testing and my own, it seems that that the increased size makes running them on iOS problematic… I’ll test with smaller mp3 files, or no audio at all… but I need to rethink the design of these apps re using audio. The audio is a ‘nice to have’ feature, but not a requirement… I’d hate to have to support 2 versions of each app, one with audio for Android and the other for iOS without… yuck. Gotta sleep on this one… Thanks for taking the time to test!

You might want to test on more recent iOS devices. Less that 10% of iOS devices still use iOS 9.