Cannot find googlePlayKey file:

When doing a VoltBuilder Build from AppStudio (run android – debug) I now get:

41 actionable tasks: 41 executed
Built the following apk(s):

Cannot find googlePlayKey file: certificates/google.json
Build 1145b78e-902e-4009-965a-e430268c823c failed

It worked until yesterday, I have not changed anything.

All of the last 5 versions of my app that I have saved, fail in the same way.

Thank you.

We just tracked this one down late yesterday. The short term fix is to clear the field Google Play Key in Project Properties, in the VoltBuilder and Cordova section.

This value is used if you want VoltBuilder to automatically upload your app the the Google Play Store. It requires an additional file in your certificates folder. If the file isn’t there (and it won’t be, unless you set one up) you get this message.

We’ll be implementing a better fix very soon.

Suggestion: google play key in voltbuilder and cordova path needed.for the drop down,(1)make apk(2)make .aab(3)upload .aab.

We just uploaded a beta which should take care of this. Please give it a try if you are affected:




Thank you…