Cannot link cordova function for SMS

I am having a problem getting my Basic app code to include a cordova plugin for sending (outgoing) SMS. This is the first mobile app I have built, and I have been around the NSbasic and github cordova sites looking for help. It seems no matter what I do, I am having a problem seeing the function either at compiling or runtime.

My config.xml right now, which after trial and error I think may be right:

<plugin name="cordova-sms-plugin" source="npm" />

My form code:

  Dim options = {}
  options.replaceLineBreaks = False  'True To Replace \n by a new line, False by default = {} = "INTENT"
  sms.sendSMS(inpNumber.value, txtMessage.value, options, success, error);

This finally compiles in the NSbasic ide without any errors. When I ask it to create a native app with PhoneGap, it is successful building then runs, but at the point it would call the function it says:
Uncaught TypeError: sms.sendSMS is not a function.

What am I missing?

Any chance you’re running this code right at startup? The sms libraries won’t be loaded yet. Put the code in Sub Main().