Cannot redefiine property badge

It is an app with jpg images. Because of other errors I made several changes. Now this is the first error message when I start the app in desktop browser. I am trying to redefine the property top of an image. This is causing the next error “cannot set property top of undefined”. Why “badge”? What could I do to avoid the error with “badge”?

Update: AS uses, 'Image_bs4');, 'Image_bs4');

I read that defineProperties makes unconfigurable by default.
As somewhere suggested, I added
configurable: true
to class property of imgBild. Did not help. Suggestions say that configurable true should be in the line with defineProperties. If relevant: how can one get it there?

Can you make a short sample showing the issue?

Thank you. Meanwhile I am trying to find a solution without bs4 controls or/and different code.