Can't do native build from Mac using version

A couple of issues:

  • After upgrading to the latest version on both Windows (10) and Mac (Sonoma 14.2.1) the Voltbuilder build platform parameter was changed to ‘Android’ from ‘IOS’ for all my IOS apps. Not a problem after change back to ‘IOS’, just wasn’t expecting it.

  • A native build on Mac never completes. The build on the Windows 10 machine does work and completes OK (however app is useless due to 'SQLite NOT initialised" error now - but that’s a separate problem).

Any thoughts on why the Build Status on the Mac never goes past a few exchanges with the build server?


Were you upgrading from 8.x or from an earlier version of 9.x?

This is strange - what do you get stuck on?

Thanks for your quick reply.

Were you upgrading from 8.x or from an earlier version of 9.x?

It may have happened on the upgrade from 8.x to 9.0 as this is the first build I have tried after upgrading to 9.

This is strange - what do you get stuck on?

Certainly is! Especially as a build from the Windows PC in another room on the same WiFi works fine (and the problem of SQLite not working disappears when the SQL WASM libraries are, of course, ticked).
The VoltBuilder status on the Mac always runs for several exchanges with the server before it just sticks on the same “Retrieved on…” timestamp. It is reminiscent of a problem back in August '22 that a few people had where a server needed bouncing on your end. What I don’t know is why the problem from a single IP address only exists for one OS type?? Different servers for different builds?

You wouldn’t have a backup of your project we could test with? If this is a bug we’d like to get it fixed!

Could you check your log to see if there’s an error appearing there? Could you also get a screenshot of what you see when it hangs? Thanks!

I can get a version off GitHub that was the last successful build. What is the best way to transfer it to you?

Please remind me where the log is? As it doesn’t finish there is no final message on the build status with a clickable link to the log.


You can email it to

Help > About > View Log

Thanks. Will send shortly.

Solution found.

So sorry!

The reason was in the log all along: Wrong (non-existent) downloads directory for builds. It was apparently carried over when I upgraded to a new Mac. Now works quickly and SQLite works fine.

Apologies for wasting your time.


No worries - and we can do better than simply fail when the directory doesn’t exist! Thanks for reporting it!