Can't get sample Northwind to run

I am using version
I set Basic and the SQLite (WASM) library.
The extraFiles shows: Northwind.db,DB,loadGrid,NSB.overwriteIfVersionDifferent
I saved the Northwind project to my PC.
I put the Northwind.db in mu C:\Users\tonyA\Documents\A_App Studio Projects\Northwind.appstudio directory.
I get this error:
Uncaught TypeError: window.openDatabase is not a function.
line 74 column 17

This is from the console window:
Error encountered:
Uncaught TypeError: window.openDatabase is not a function
Line: 74
Column: 17

sqliteFunctions.js:74 Uncaught TypeError: window.openDatabase is not a function
at SqlOpenDatabase (sqliteFunctions.js:74:17)
at SQLImport (sqliteFunctions.js:231:16)
at Northwind.js:1:1

appstudioFunctions.js:1946 [PWA] Registration successful ServiceWorkerRegistration

Ignoring inability to install OPFS sqlite3_vfs: Cannot install OPFS: Missing SharedArrayBuffer and/or Atomics. The server must emit the COOP/COEP response headers to enable those. See Persistent Storage Options
(anonymous) @ sqlite3.js:13477

Loaded SQLite3 WASM version 3.44.1

[PWA] Content is now available offline.

Does anyone know why I am getting this error?

SQLImport and SQLExport are not supported yet when working with SQLite WASM.

Until they are (should be soon), have a look at Workaround 1 or 2 on this page.

If you are using these solutions, do not set the SQLite WASM flag.