Can't Use Functions in Code Modules

I had a working program with one form. Some of the code I wanted to be reusable in other projects. So, separated the code into a ‘code module.’ I put the javascript into its own file with the extension .js .

In the program I now re-added the file under Project - Add Existing Code File. It added the file to the project and it gets upload to the server without issue. The project explore shows the file and says it’s javascript.

The problem is: the program form’s code can’t see the functions in the new code file. I don’t know if I have an addressing issue or did something wrong.

Question is what should I do so the code in the form can see the Functions in the code module.

Thanks Rodney

Looks like there could be some error in my function that wasn’t a problem in the main program. I’ll look into this… Rodney

That would do it - if there is a syntax error in a Code Module, it may not be completely loaded.