Case sensitive in image extension

I’ve had a lot of trouble compiling with Voltbuilder or Cordova with the image files.
When we load image files, it happens that the file name is case-sensitive.
But it is also the case with file extensions. File.JPG is not the same as File.jpg, because when compiling with Voltbuilder it does not recognize the image file and does not load it.
Solution: with CMD we enter the DOS window and execute:
in the images directory> ren *.jpg *.JPG
And it changes all the extensions to uppercase.


I’ve always felt your pain. DOS and Windows file systems, NTFS and FAT (and FAT32) all are case insensitive. However, just about every other operating system’s file system is case sensitive. What’s even more interesting is that on the hard disk for Windows or DOS, the file name is stored as a short file name of 8 point 3 characters, all upper case. The long file name is the extension added to DOS to handle case and longer file names, but it’s still not case sensitive when opening a file.

You’ll notice most of the support tools for app development are also not windows based, especially the online services. Windows is an expensive platform to run and maintain, versus other options, so you’ll see case sensitivity almost everywhere.

Good luck.