Change bootstrap HeaderBar title at runtime

This is what was used with JQ mob:

$("#HeaderBar1 h1").text("New Title")

I can’t find anything for the bootstrap HeaderBar. Can anyone point me in the right direcrtion.


What control(s) are you using for the bootstrap headerbar?

Hi Buck, I want to change the title of the HeaderBar38 on Form40 just before the change to form 40:

Function Button100_onclick()
    $("#HeaderBar38 h1").text("New Title")
End Function


Do you mean the Header in Common controls? You add text to that as below:

HeaderBar38.childNodes[1].textContent = "New title"

Always best to check the language reference for the specific control - this one is at:

Thanks for that. I did search for it but I was searching for “HeaderBar” instaed of “Header” :rofl:

A good tip is that in the IDE when you select a control, there is a panel in the bottom right hand corner that has a hyperlink to the required page for the control in the language reference (so no need to search for it)

What I’ve got is an old JQmob project that I’ve recently converted into bootstrap, so in the project Explorer the conrols are still named as JQ controls i.e TextBox, HeaderBar etc… and thats what’s confused me. So when I highlight / select a control from the Toolbox I should see a link to the wiki docs in the bottom right corner (project properties?)

The help panel is normally displayed, but can be toggled on and off in the view menu. The location can be changed to most anywhere, like any other IDE panel.

Thanks Gary, it doesn’t take up that much space just for links for the controls anyway. Just left it where it is.