Change hamburger divider color

The topic title says it all, really. Is there a way to change the color? I want to make the divider more obvious against a non-white background.

There doesn’t seem to be a simple way to do this. Here’s a popular answer:

You could also just make your own button with a custom icon.

Thanks for your reply.

My ‘make-do’ solution is the following:

Hamburger1.addItem( "────────"), "disabled")
$("#Hamburger1_" & CStr(x)).css("color", "black")
$("#Hamburger1_" & CStr(x)).css("line-height", "6px")

The line is made up of U+2500 (Arial) characters from the Windows Character Map.

One complication is that the line length needs to be reduced on Mac or iOS, compared to Windows or Android.

Oh, you meant the detail lines which pop up - not the Hamburger itself. Yes, your solution should work fine.