ChangeForm slide horizontally

Is there a possibility to change the slide motion when calling ChangeForm from vertical to horizontal?
If not, what’s the best way to implement it by myself?

You might experiment with using the slide functions:


Thanks, but I’d like to slide left or right

Sorry, I misread your question.

Yes, it is possible, but we don’t have code already written to do this. If you google javascript animation you’ll get lots of suggestions.

It would be a great implementation!
It would save a lot of code for us.
Why don’t you think about it George?

It’s still on our list - but the list is long these days. The transition from PhoneGap to VoltBuilder is still our most important task.

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it still in list?

This is what I did for swiping grids horizontally a long time ago. Crudely I had 3 grids, 1 on the screen and 1 each side of that, just off the screen. When user swipes the on screen grid, the grids outside the screen came in to view. Ontouchend would then slide the grids according to the direction the user swipes.

Could easily be adapted to a form.

Function CalfGrid_ontouchstart()
  ScreenXMoved = "false"
End Function
Function CalfGrid_ontouchmove()
  If localStorage.Last4Report = "true" Then Exit Function
  CalfGrid.Left = ScreenXend-ScreenX
  CalfGrid2.Left = CalfGrid.Left - ScrWidth - 2 'grid to left
  CalfGrid3.Left = CalfGrid.Left + ScrWidth + 2 'grid to right
  ScreenXMoved = "true"
End Function
Function CalfGrid_ontouchend()
  If localStorage.Last4Report = "true" Then Exit Function
  at = 300  'animate time
  sessionStorage.CM_WhereToAfterCalfGridAnimate = "reset"
  If ScreenXend < (ScreenX-150) And ScreenXMoved = "true" Then
    'console.log("ontouchend right")
    $("#CalfGrid3").animate({Left: "0px"},at)  'move next day left to 0px        ',fontSize: "0px"})
    px = CStr(0-ScrWidth) & "px"
    sessionStorage.CM_WhereToAfterCalfGridAnimate = "right"
    $("#CalfGrid").animate({Left: px},at,AfterCalfGridSwipeThenPopulateGrid) 'move current day left to 0-ScrWidth
  ElseIf ScreenXend > (ScreenX+150) And ScreenXMoved = "true" Then
    'console.log("ontouchend left")
    $("#CalfGrid2").animate({Left: "0px"},at)  'move previous day right to 0px        ',fontSize: "0px"})
    px = CStr(ScrWidth) & "px"
    sessionStorage.CM_WhereToAfterCalfGridAnimate = "left"
    $("#CalfGrid").animate({Left: px},at,AfterCalfGridSwipeThenPopulateGrid) 'move current day right to ScrWidth
    'reset grids
    sessionStorage.CM_WhereToAfterCalfGridAnimate = "reset"
    $("#CalfGrid").animate({Left: "0px"},at,AfterCalfGridSwipe) 'move current day back to 0
    px2 = CStr(0-ScrWidth-2) & "px"
    $("#CalfGrid2").animate({Left: px2},at) 
    px3 = CStr(ScrWidth + 2) & "px"
    $("#CalfGrid3").animate({Left: px3},at) 
  End If
End Function`

@ghenne still in list? is very very good use slide horizontally…
i am stating a new project and it will be very good for us

We haven’t done any more work on this one.

Did you look at @lotsofcows solution?