Changing the AS install web app popup

I’m sure I saw somewhere how to stop this message from being displayed on Android/IOS for web apps. I’d like to stop the pop up, as it is not presented timely and seems to pop up everytime you start the program, if you don’t accept it.

What I’d like to do is to have my program, at the appropriate time, check to see if we are an appropriate web app and if it’s been installed or not, and if not, then provide in my UI a mechanism to ask and perform the install.

Could you mean this?


Ahh, yes. Thanks - I knew I saw it somewhere.

The other part of the question is: I’d like to present the same question in my UI, is there an easy way for me to call the function that does the installation from my code?

The function is addToHomescreen()

However, you will need to include the libraries manually, since they are not included in AppStudio without the flag being set.