Chart jQuery not working (Blank)

So I tried putting a chart but it shows up blank, even when I used the wiki example (and added button for it) it seems to still be on blank (nothing ever shows up)

What I’m trying to use is making a chart for the recent exchange history for 2 currencies in price ($ to <another_currency>)

Are there any messages in the Chrome Console?

The following shows:

Mainly the the uncaught errors show up when using the chart, they don’t show up when removing them with their script

The Chart2_settings message is the important one here.

Have you tried the Chart sample? It works properly for me.

What version of AppStudio are you using?

It’s running on
the teacher gave us the program, also it’s using the demo/trial version and has the green icon

That’s a very old version. Where is your school?

I’ve downloaded the latest version, still the same problem, it even tells me with a pop up “Chart2_settings is not defined.”

As to the school, I prefer not to say that unless necessary

Is that with the sample?

Yes, this is the code I used:

Dim sampleData, row

Function Button1_onclick()
  'Render the chart.  
End Function

Function Form1_onshow()
  sampleData = []
  For i=0 To 6
    row["id"] = "Preise"
    row["Preis1"] = 25
    row["Preis2"] = 30
    row["Preis3"] = 35
    sampleData[i]= row
  Chart1_settings.source = sampleData
  Chart1_settings.categoryAxis={dataField:"id", showGridLines:True}
  Chart1_settings.seriesGroups = [ _
    { _
    type: "column", _
    columnsGapPercent: 30, _
    seriesGapPercent: 0, _
          valueAxis: _
          { _
          minValue: 0, _
          maxValue: 50, _
          unitInterval: 10, _
          description: "Preise in Euro(€)" _
          }, _
            series:[ _
                    { dataField: "Preis1", displayText: "Preis1"}, _
                    { dataField: "Preis2", displayText: "Preis2"}, _
                    { dataField: "Preis3", displayText: "Preis3"} _
                    ] _
    } _
End Function

I’ve changed it to BASIC just to be sure, and the I changed the Chart ID to Chart2