Checking if plugins are running

Is there a way to know which plugins are currently running with my app?
For some reason with my Android app, occasionally (every few months) one of the plugins fails to start and this causes issues with my app. If i know the plugin is not working when the app starts, i can address it.


Make sure you don’t reference or call any functions to any plugins until after the device is ready.

You can inspect an Android app running by connecting to a PC/Mac with USB cable and using chrome.

You can do the same thing with apple phone - but connected to a Mac and using safari.

Thanks for your reply.
I think that is my problem. I have always started initializing plugins after Main() is called and i’ve never had a deviceready event.
Does that sound likely?


The Main() is called during the “load” event, so the DOM may still be sorting things out. If your plugin refers to any DOM elements it may end up as undefined.

Always use “deviceready” event before using any plugins.

Thanks, i will add this in now