Chrome Updates Issue


So recently, there were various updates of Chrome which caused temporary havoc to anyone with List or Grid controls on their .apk’s
Thankfully the issue was resolved (it was iScroll components which were ‘fixed’ to work with the the new Chrome versions.
Anyway, over the course of this adventure…we’ve discovered an annoying occurrence…
Sometimes when we (or our customers) upgrade Chrome on a tablet / phone, the phone says ‘new version = 57’ but phonegap (and IIS logs from webservices) still report e.g. Chrome version 52…
Which is a big issue, because version 52 does not work well with the latest versions of NSB…
So…the question is…why does it happen that a Chrome update doesn’t ‘take’ properly and replace the chrome components used by the app?
It has done on some devices but not on others…
Very strange…


Here is what Google has to say about this:

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation


Hi George,
Yes, that’s pretty much what should happen.
in practice we have devices which ‘update’ to new versions of chrome and yet the app is saying they’re on older versions (after reboots and app reinstalls).
Weird, but true…

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