Collaborating with non AppStudio developers

I have started collaborating with a group on a project that I developed using AppStudio.
If I send them my files, will they be able to open/view/modify them if they don’t have AppStudio?

Are you asking if they can make changes and recompile the AppStudio project without AppStudio Application? If yes, then they need a valid license to compile.

AppStudio’s internal project files are “editable” with most file editors, but one would have to understand the internal structure of the project files to modify them appropriately for a recompile.

However, what may make some sense is for these outside developers to developed some Javascript and CSS files that you can include into your AppStudio project. I do something similar in my app. I use Google sheets and download to another program that interprets whats in the sheet into Javascript which I have included into my AppStudio project. Works well, but be sure to close AppStudio while updating these external files.

Thanks Gary. That’s very helpful.

A great way to collaborate is to put the project on GitHub. You can then see what changes are made by who. It has other advantages as well, such a great issue tracking system.

I’ve used it on several large projects with developers in different countries - it works great with AppStudio.

One thing to remember: after you pull changes, you need to reload the project into AppStudio, so the updated files get loaded.