Collapsible Control running under iOS presents incorrect color

The Collapsible Control header, when executing under iOS turns BG color to blue when clicked and stays blue while rest of app executes… i.e., it never returns to normal. This does NOT happen when same program is run on desktop, nor on Android.

Easy to test using the Collapsible Sample project.

Desktop is Windows 10 using Chrome
iOS is iPad running iOS version 9.3.5
I’m currently running NSB

Here is what I see on iOS. Does that match yours?

Yes, I see the same… for the first collapsible, the header BG should return to black after it’s closed and white/clear for the 2nd CL after closing.

That looks like a bug in jQuery Mobile.

Actually, it should never have gone to blue in the first place…

Given that it’s a bug in jQuery Mobile… when can we expect a resolution?

I doubt it. It’s been a long time since there has been a new release. It was a great framework 2010 when AppStudio came out, but jQuery Mobile has not kept up.

Here’s their latest status report:

Given the status report from above, is there any possibility of NSB no longer supporting JQueryMobile? Please let that NOT be! I’m developing a whole suite of apps that are totally dependent on it… especially the Collapsible control which is fantastic for mobile apps… If Collapsible is not going to be around, I need to know now before I go ‘live’ with these apps.

We have no intention of dropping support for jQuery Mobile.

However, for new projects, use Bootstrap or jqWidgets. Both are actively supported.