Common Grid Error on New Form

This problem was noted by DaveHolt Jan, '20 but did not seem to be resolved. I also have forgotten the exact error message but it happened to me today as follows and I found a workaround:

I got “NSB.Grid error” (not defined or not a function, cannot remember) after adding a new form to an app and then adding a common grid to this new form. No grids were in the app prior to adding the new form. It worked ok deploying locally but when to the server deploy it had this error. Removing the grid from the second form prevented the error. I was able to fix this by putting a common grid on the first form and deploying, then I put the common grid on the new form and deleted the grid from the first form and all is well.

Cannot reproduce after the fix above. Running in Chrome on Windows 10, AS


Can you give a step by step to reproduce this?

Sorry, after I got it working I did try to reproduce this with a new app, but no luck. This is probably very rare. But if someone has this happen to them, just put a common grid on the ‘first form’. and that should fix it. So not to worry.