Common Grid Error

When i add a Grid under Common i get an error Grid1 one is not a function when i deploy to my server and run my Web App?

You’ll need to provide some more information if you’re going to get a good answer.

For example, at what point is the statement which creates is “Grid1 one is not a function” message executing? It probably won’t work if it is executed right at program startup. The Grid won’t have been instantiated yet.

<div id="Form5" class="nsb-form " style="display:none; background-color:white; position:absolute; height: 100vh; top:0px; left:0px; width:100%; ">
Form5.innerHTML=["", NSB.Grid("Grid1", "5", "2", "", "", "one,two", "", "", "", ""),].join('');    -------This where the error occurs

What’s the exact error message?

“Grid1 one is not a function” does not look right.

Are you sure that’s the right code for that line? It’s unusual to have code like you quoted in line 2668 of index.html.

When I remove grid1 from form5 I get no errors. When I add the grid to Form5 and deploy it I try to run my App but it locks up and gives me the error showed you

I am using version 7.4.2 App Studio

@DaveHolt, did you notice the question I asked?