Confirmation of a newly created account

Sorry for my questions, but

does an application get informed when a user has confirmed a newly created account by clicking the link in the confirmation message?

Usually, I would expect the following procedure:

  1. user uses application and
  2. starts requiring Volt access (e.g. for data backup or similar)
  3. (s)he chooses to “login” (but does not yet have an account)
  4. thus, (s)he decides to sign-up - which is why a confirmation message is sent

Until now, (s)he is still using the application. But now, (s)he switches to his/her email client in order to confirm the account.

What comes next?

  • will the confirmation link redirect the user to the original application? (what if that application has not been opened with the default browser?)
  • will the application be able to find out about the confirmation?

Or will the user simply have to switch back to the application and try to login?

Thanks in advance for your effort!

Kind regards,

Andreas Rozek

The confirmation link will open the default browser and confirm the account. It’s not dependent on an existing session.

The user will have to attempt to login.

Good to know - thank you very much!