Confused with upper and lower case of collision code

can anyone please help me out…?
for appstudio ,the collision looks something like vb6.

If (Picture1.Left - 1) < (Picture2.Left + Picture2.Width) And _
   (Picture1.Left - 1 + Picture1.Width) > Picture2.Left And _
   Picture1.Top < (Picture2.Top + Picture2.Height) And _
   (Picture1.Height + Picture1.Top) > Picture2.Top Then
   Exit Sub
      MsgBox "hited"
      dr = 1
   End If

i ever made it work in appstudio ver5. i brought ver6 and 7 , cant figure it out . so, it becomes my while elephone. any little help will be appreciate…so,thanks in advance.

I mean should it be Picturebox. Top or Picturebox. top. Should it be Picturebox. HEIGHT or Picturebox. height same for P… Width, P… Width, P… P… Which is uppercase which is lower case in 2 picture collide code