Connecting with Classic Bluetooth device on iOS

I need to link my app to a Classic Bluetooth device, not Low Energy (BLE).

I’ve used this plugin for Android and it works well. However, the app will not open if trying to open in the latest iOS. I cannot use to see the issue as the app closes immediately on startup. I’m assuming because the plugin is outdated and not supported on the latest iOS?

Alternatively, does anyone know of any bluetooth plugins that work with classic devices and iOS?


We have no idea which individual plugins do what - there are over 1200 on the list, with new ones being added all the time.

This one, added today, looks interesting:

Thanks for adding.
I think this plugin will do the job. When i add this plugin to config.xml, the app opens with Android. But with iOS, the app starts to load then crashes. Is there a way to debug the issue even though it only shows for a split second then returns to the phone home screen?


You may need to ask the maintainer of the plugin for some help. You can open an issue in his GitHub repo.